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The best way to save money on car insurance is to keep a high deductible on both of these policies.

A low deductible may seem to be worth the comfort of never having to fork over $500 or $1000 for car repairs before your insurance kicks in. But it usually isn't.

Consider that raising your deductible by as little as $250 can buy you a couple hundred thousand dollars more worth of liability coverage. Which will make you feel more secure? Paying even $1000 for repairs beats paying 100 times that for someone else's hospital bills!

And a lot drivers are paying for these types of coverage when they really shouldn't be. If you're driving an older car with a very low resale value, the cost of comprehensive and collision coverage's for a couple of years may be costing you more than the car is worth!

For cheaper car insurance, consider dropping these policies altogether, especially if you have a poor driving record that inflates your rates. These policies are not worthless. If you drive a new car, you need them. But you shouldn't carry them in place of reasonable levels of other types of coverage. See how low your premiums can be.

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